Rebuild tools for emerging platforms


  1. Look for successful tools that have been built for already mature and established platforms.
  2. Discover new but rapidly growing platforms and ecosystems.
  3. Take a tool built for an established platform, and build a version of it for the emerging platform.

Because the emerging platform lacks competition, you can find the customers who need your tool and don't have other options.

🛠 Tools for discovering platforms

🚀 Startup examples

  • A tool for an established platform (Google Sheets):
    API Connector
    Connect and import data from any API to Google Sheets.

    Equivalent tool for an emerging platform (Airtable):
    Data Fetcher
    Import data into Airtable. Connect Airtable to any application or API with no-code.

  • A tool for an established platform (Instagram):
    Find, check and outreach the ideal influencers on Instagram.

    Equivalent tool for an emerging platform (TikTok):
    Influence Grid
    Discover TikTok Influencers With The Leading TikTok Search Engine.


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